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Do you have a driveway? Do you own an apartment building or a rental property with a parking lot? Do you own a business with a patio? Do you manage a small town or a parks department? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you may occasionally need to hire a paving company to provide paving services for you. These companies can do anything from small paths and patios to large parking lots. They can put in plain gray concrete or dress it up with acid stains, etchings, and more. All the options can be overwhelming, but this blog is here to help. Enjoy.


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Positive Posts About Paving

3 Reasons You Should Sealcoat Your Asphalt Parking Lot

by Kathy Knight

Having a parking lot that is in good condition should be a priority for your company. The parking lot often serves as the first point of contact you have with potential customers, so you want to make a positive impression, with a parking lot that is in good repair.

The asphalt used to create commercial parking areas can begin to deteriorate over time. If you plan to invest in asphalt repairs, you should also plan to invest in sealcoating. Sealcoating essentially seals your parking lot with a protective layer. Here are three reasons why sealcoating should be a priority, when it comes to maintaining your company's parking lot in the future.

1. Sealcoating prevents sun damage.

As soon as the asphalt used to create your parking area has been installed, it becomes susceptible to serious damage caused by exposure to the sun. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight can begin to break down the binding agents used to hold the aggregate in the asphalt together.

This deterioration process can result in serious damage to your parking lot over time. Sealcoating protects asphalt from harmful ultraviolet rays. by reflecting these rays back into the atmosphere, rather than allowing the pavement below to absorb them.

2. Sealcoating prevents water damage.

Few substances have the power to utterly destroy your asphalt parking lot like water. Moisture that finds its way into the cracks and crevices in your asphalt can freeze and expand over time. This results in serious damage that will require costly repairs to fix.

Moisture that seeps into your asphalt can also settle underneath the pavement, compromising the structural stability of the base materials your parking lot is constructed upon. Sealcoating provides a waterproof layer that will protect your parking lot from water damage over time.

3. Sealcoating prevents staining.

As vehicles move across the surface of your parking lot and remain stationary for extended periods of time, fluids from these vehicles can leak onto the surface of your parking lot. Since asphalt is a porous material, any fluids that come directly into contact with the pavement could leave behind unsightly stains.

Sealcoating provides a barrier between the asphalt and any contaminants that may be left behind by vehicles. This makes it easy to clean your parking lot to remove fluid stains and other marks in the future.

Caring for your company's parking lot doesn't have to be difficult. Investing in sealcoating will ensure your asphalt is protected from sun damage, moisture, and staining over time.