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Positive Posts About Paving

Asphalt Maintanence To Help You Repair And Protect Your Parking Lot

by Kathy Knight

Your asphalt parking lot sees a lot of wear and traffic and can begin to show signs of damage as a result, but it is important to keep your parking lot looking nice and in good repair. Your parking lot is one of the first impressions customers may have of your business. Here are some tips and insight to help you keep your parking lot well-maintained:

Repair Cracks

As your asphalt's surface dries from sun oxidation and freezing-thaw damage, it can begin to crack and crumble apart. Periodically patch and repair any cracks in your asphalt's surface to prevent further deterioration. You can hire an asphalt repair crew to clean the cracks of debris, remove vegetation growth and fill the holes with an appropriate filler material.

Any cracks that have grown into potholes, you can also have repaired. Make sure each pothole is refilled with any new gravel base layer and topped off with new hot mix asphalt or a bagged cold patch filler. If you are completing your own single pothole repair, using bagged cold mix patch filler allows you to compress the filler into the hole, tamping it with a hand tamp. You can find bagged cold mix at most home improvement stores. If you have several potholes, it may be best to hire an asphalt repair crew to complete the repairs and to fill them with their hot mix asphalt.

Remove Vehicle Fluid Damage

As vehicles drive over and park upon your asphalt parking lot, it is common for them to leak vehicle fluids. Most vehicle fluids, such as gasoline, oil, and brake fluid are damaging to asphalt, as they break down the emulsion in the mixture and cause it to unravel. For this reason, it is important to clean your asphalt of any fluids and remove any damaged areas to prevent further deterioration through the layers of the asphalt.

Clean the surface of the asphalt with an asphalt cleaner, water, and a scrub brush. You can also remove damaged areas by cutting them from the asphalt with a circular saw and a masonry blade, then replace the asphalt with new hot mix asphalt.

Sealcoat the Surface

After any damage has been repaired on your asphalt parking lot, it is a good idea to sealcoat the surface of the asphalt. This protects the asphalt from water permeation damage and restores the flexibility of the asphalt. As your asphalt's surface dries out and begins to age, you can hire a professional asphalt company to apply a layer of liquid tar emulsion sealcoating. This layer will restore the look of the asphalt and smooth over any repairs and patches to help create a new, seamless look to your business' exterior.

Contact a commercial sealcoating company for more information and assistance.